Krakow is a city that needs no introduction. Also made famous among foreign tourists, continues to grow from strength to strength, as do power, attracting more and more interested in the mysteries.

There is nothing surprising in this, as in Krakow, it’s hard to get bored. This is a place for everyone – will find many attractions for the tourists themselves, follower in the footsteps of history, they will not be bored in search of active adventures, full of activities and entertainment lovers are those who are looking for a quiet place of rest.

Why you need to see in Krakow.
In Krakow, and you can spend a leisurely two weeks, finding every day new interest. However, if you plan to spend less time here, you should create a plan, including what they missed was not proper. Visiting Krakow is simple, because the city has a well-developed transportation infrastructure, and for volunteers – Tourist buses, moving hottest tracks.

Must on the tourist map should be Kazimierz. Which used to be a separate town, which is now the district – the cultural center of the Jewish and Christian, giving tangible evidence of how much the Jewish community in Krakow claimed the war. District has the indescribable charm – narrow, cobbled streets, the ubiquitous religious buildings, atmospheric New Jewish Cemetery, and – finally – many cozy cafes and restaurants, where the sounds of klezmer music live, apart from the traditional Jewish cuisine, try the specialties we around the world.

Tour of Krakow, it is also obligatory stroll along the Royal Way, led by the finest monuments of the city. We will see here include Florian’s Gate, a beautiful main square, with the St. Mary’s Basilica, Cloth Hall – which flourishes to this day trading, beautiful churches and monastic complexes up to the crowning expedition Wawel Hill. Here you will find among others the Royal Palace, to which we can look chambers independently or with a guide, a close look at private royal apartments, watch the treasury and armory, a must-see to be the crypt, located at the castle and hiding the finest tombs of Polish kings.

Krakow, but it is not only historical monuments – this is also beautiful parks and gardens, excellent restaurants, cafes, lots of night life, the city friendly to tourists, suited for hiking and exploring by bike. This city, which in a very hospitable encourages him to befriend the availability of attractions and a wide base, adapted to every pocket.

To closer relationship with one of the most beautiful cities in Poland was successful, enough comfortable shoes, camera, and – if we want to get to know his deepest secrets – a professional guide to Krakow, so we did not ignore any of the attractions that will acquaint you with interesting facts, legends and secrets city. Those who were already in Krakow know why they would gladly come back, and those who have not yet discovered its charm – remain highly recommend this accommodation, a beautiful city.